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Base Flood Elevation Scenarios Beta

The information shown in your point data tells you about your exposure to flood and wind hazards, which is important when building, purchasing, or insuring a home or building.

Use this tool to illustrate the relationship between the Base Flood Elevation, the Ground Elevation, and the lowest floor of your home or building.


1Enter the point data you retrieved from the floodmap.

  • Base Flood Elevation (BFE)
  • Ground Elevation

2Choose the type of foundation for your home or building.

3Make any height adjustments that better match your home or building.

1. Elevations

2. Foundation style


Crawl Space

Walk Under

3. Adjustments


# feet from ground to first floor

The ground elevation you entered is higher than the BFE, which, if correct, means the ground would not be covered by the base (100-year) flood at this location.

Please check your Ground Elevation and Base Flood Elevation values again. If they are entered correctly and the property would not be inundated by the base flood, the property can be removed from the Special Flood Hazard Area through a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). A stamped survey would be required.

Ground Elevation: